Our Medication Adherence Program

  • Set your prescription refills on automatic, stay on course
  • Take advantage of this free and convenient service at Pittsboro Pharmacy
  • Receive your prescriptions without interruption
  • Select which prescriptions you want filled automatically
  • Stay true to your prescribed course of treatment in the restoration of your health
  • Have your prescriptions delivered for free or pick up at our location. We have a convenient drive-thru available as well.

To sign up for our Automatic Prescription Refill program, please give us a call at 919-533-6901, 919-533-6903.

At Pittsboro Pharmacy, we understand the importance of adhering to your prescribed course of treatment, it greatly improves the outcome of your treatment as well as your health and vitality. We also know that no two individuals are the same, the path of action that will work for one person may not work for another. Optimum results are achieved by tailoring available adherence methods and tools to suit your specific set of needs and lifestyle.

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919-533-6901, 919-533-6903